Our hydrangeas are 1yr old + plants usually grown in pb 6 1/2 or 4 litre pots. As well as H. macrophylla we grow large numbers of H. quercifolia and  H. petiolaris to give that variation of leaf shape in those shady places in your garden.

Supply can be all year round. Look for that interesting ,new, dwarf, climbing, or hard to get plant. Prices include gst and pvr royalty.

All hydrangeas are $10 unless otherwise stated


 Picture 1068 Alpen Gluten

Purple flower, med size,1.2m


Rounded dark green foliage. Creamy white spherical flower heads 20 cm across.Likes a shady position.


Pale pink to light blue in colour. Globular flowers with sterile florets that have spoon shaped sepals


Blue lacecap .compact grower good for pots

 Bloody Marvellous

One of the darkest reds.Dark green foliage edged with red line.Syn Raspberry crush, Merville sanguine.Amazing deep purple/blue in acid soils

 Blue Deckle

Pale blue lacecap. Med height .8m Makes a good hedge

 Blue Diamond

Bright blue mophead. Compact growth good for pots 80cm

 Blue Wave

Blue lacecap. Large flowers on vigorous bush

 Bridal Bouquet

Cream to white flowers. Tolerates sun and has good compact growth habit. 1m

 Fuji Waterfall

White lacecap with petals cascading downwards

 Colonel Durham

Good pink mophead. Very round bright pink flowerheads . 1.5m

Geoffrey Chadbund

Lacecap with dark red/pink flowers.


White large mophead flowers.Lush green foliage.Great border plant.


Paniculata type.Large white pointed conical flowers.A spectacular bush in a border or when planted with Japanese maples


White lacecap


Dwarf bush with dark green leaves and small red flower heads.Late flowering. Perfect for pots

 Mathilda Gutges

Dwarf cobalt  blue mophead. Dark green strongly serated leaves. Excellent compact grower


Dark blue lacecap with white tipped sepals. Dark green leaves .


Smaller dark red heads on compact plant.Can be grown in sun.


Pale blue mophead flowers on plant with black stems.Chinese in origin. 1m

 Paris Red

Excellent compact bright red.Ideal pots. 1m


True dwarf.Pink to pale red.Rarely exceeds 60cm .Excellent border plant.

 Pink Bouquet

Bright pink mophead. Large blooms on tidy bush.Good cut flower.

 Quercifolia Pee Wee

Dwarf compact Oak leaf with sterile white flowers in early summer.Great dark maroon autumn foliage.

 Quercifolia Snow Flake

Superb double flowered form.

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